Van de Grint wants Wolff and Horner to put an end to their “terrible and tacky” behaviour

Kees van de Grint is annoyed with Toto Wolff and Christian Horner for their “terrible and tacky” behaviour.

Wolff and Horner have been at each other’s throats since the start of the season. They have made the rivalry between their respective teams a political battle. It has been similar to a roast battle at times, with the two bosses exchanging words almost every weekend.

With two races to go, both will be under massive pressure to outdo the other. In fact, some have argued that they have tried to grab the spotlight meant for the drivers.

Van de Grint was left annoyed with Wolff and Horner for their “terrible and tacky” behaviour, and urged them to do better.

Speaking to the Dutch edition of, van de Grint said, “I think that’s terrible. I think it’s tacky. And then marshals are insulted (by Horner). It is childish.

“Let everyone focus on their own cars. We have a fantastic season. We have two great drivers who actually downgrade the rest of the field. Fantastic, that’s motorsport.

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner
The real rivals this season. Source: Getty Images

“We look at motorsport, and not at this sort of thing, right? When I hear terms that I don’t want to repeat, that annoys me too. I am sorry to hear that.”

Damage limitation lesson

Van de Grint also talked about Max Verstappen’s heroics at the Qatar GP, and hailed him for turning P7 into P2 and a fastest lap.

“I found it extremely interesting how Verstappen converted that fastest lap into a kind of win,” he continued.

“This was, as they call it in football, a six-point game. He could have lost more here, but he more than limited the damage.

“And I expect Verstappen to be at least equal in Abu Dhabi, so it will be exciting. It’s great for the neutral viewer.”

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