Van der Garde demands fans respect Hamilton at Zandvoort

Former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde has demanded fans respect Lewis Hamlton at Zandvoort.

The Orange Army has been one of the highlights of this season, and a loud one at that. They have cheered their hero in Max Verstappen, and have resorted to heavily booing him at races. This is especially true for the Dutch GP weekend, because it is literally in the Netherlands.

To no one’s surprise, Hamilton received a rather uncomfortable welcome. The raining of boos was only getting louder with time As such, van der Garde demanded fans respect Hamilton at Zandvoort.

When the former Dutch driver stepped to interview drivers after qualification, Verstappen received a thunderous ovation. When it was Hamilton’s turn, he was booed loudly. It got so loud the seven-time champion couldn’t respond to the question asked by van der Garde. Soon, he had enough and told the jeering fans, “Come on, guys, come on!”

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van der Garde (pictured) asked fans to tone down their hatred for Hamilton. Source:

The booing didn’t subside by a lot, but his efforts didn’t go unnoticed. A fan hailed van der Garde on social media for his gesture. Later, van der Garde responded to his comment on Twitter, saying, “One of the biggest athlete doesn’t deserve booing. Period.”

Take it in

Hamilton, meanwhile, didn’t let the booing get to him. In fact, he actually praised the Orange Army for their dedication and enthusiasm.

“I really wanna say a big thank you to all the Orange fans here, you know, the Dutch fans,” Hamilton said.

“What an amazing venue! What an amazing track! I really appreciate the welcome. There are great sporting fans here. And it’s just been good. I really appreciate it.”

Hamilton will be eager to beat Verstappen and extend the lead in the WDC standings. Denying the Red Bull driver a home win would be a statement, and his team will be going all in for it.

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