Verstappen addresses Red Bull’s weakness in title race

Max Verstappen has addressed Red Bull’s weakness in the heated title race between them and Mercedes.

The race for the Constructors’ Championship is shaping up to be a thrilling, and more crucially, unpredictable one. Every week, it seems the momentum swings between the two teams involved. The tussle is an exciting watch, but Verstappen is not exactly happy with it.

Heading into the Italian GP, Verstappen sits ahead of Hamilton, but the gap is a measly three points. All it takes is one bad day for Verstappen to surrender his lead. This is worrying because at one point in the season, the gap was enormous. However, two bad weekends later, it has been heavily slashed by Mercedes and title rival Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen addressed Red Bull’s weakness, and explained what must be done to eradicate it.

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Verstappen (pictured) talked about what must be done to beat Mercedes to the finish line. Source:

“For me, they did pole position in Silverstone, even though of course it didn’t count as a pole position,” Verstappen said, as reported by

“And they were ahead in Hungary, where they definitely had more pace than us, (they) just looked better. But of course Hungary was a crazy race with what happened, with the wet and the start, so you shouldn’t look at stats.

“You should look at the realistic pace, what there was, and not always look at the race result, because I definitely think they would have won Hungary if everything went as normal.

Consistency is key

“That’s why I really felt, in the break, I was like ‘We really need to speed things up here, because otherwise, they’re going to run away with it’.

“I think we did, we did pick it up a bit. I feel like we still need a bit more but it’s heading in the right direction. Also, you have to see that there are still quite a lot of different kinds of tracks coming up, so it will definitely swing both ways. We just have to keep on it and keep pushing and keep bringing new bits for the car,” he said.

Verstappen is yet to win a title in his career, and this is as close as he has gotten. He will not like any slips from the team or from himself, and has hence addressed what he feels are the glaring weaknesses in their campaign.

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