Verstappen asks haters to take maths lessons – “Lewis won’t come close”

Max Verstappen has asked his haters to learn some maths, saying that it is all a case of knowing the numbers.

Verstappen is four races away from being world champion for the first time, but it is far from a guarantee. One mistake could see him concede the chance to championship rival Lewis Hamilton, who trails him by 21 points.

Mathematically, Hamilton can still win the title, but it will take Verstappen to fumble a little bit. There are those who hate the Dutchman, and are hoping that he fails in his quest to win his maiden world title.

In response to the negative sentiment, Verstappen asked his haters to learn some maths, and calmly stated that all he has to do is to finish in front of Hamilton.

“It’s been a great season with many pole positions and many Grand Prix victories, but the only real winner is the one who is on top at the end of the season,” he told NOS

“The math is very simple. If I always finish at the front, Lewis Hamilton will not come close. Winning as many races as possible and being consistent makes your life a lot easier. That was the case in karts 12 years ago and it is no different now.”

Max Verstappen giving an interview. Brazil November 2021
Verstappen (pictured) is taking it one race at a time. Source:


When asked if Verstappen is feeling the heat this close to the end of the season, he scoffed at the claim. He stressed on the fact that he feels no pressure, and said that he is enjoying the greater number of eyeballs on him.

“When I started at Toro Rosso in 2015, I knew there was no way to win,” he said.

“Formula 1 has always been like that. Most teams have no chance for victory. That’s why I enjoy this year even more. I can’t complain about it, my performance and my team.

“It’s my best F1 season. Not my easiest – I notice everyone is watching me even more. They try to make a story out of everything, but I focus on my task – to accelerate,” he concluded.

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