Verstappen blasts FIA for buckling under Mercedes pressure and making mid-season rule change

Red Bull driver criticised FIA’s new directive that will allow teams to make significant changes to their cars in a bid to eliminate injuries faced due to porpoising this season.

The Dutch driver has not had to face these issues as much as some others on the circuit, and believes that his team’s superior engineering team got its design right.

However, the reigning world champion was unhappy that the FIA had to buckle under the pressure applied by the likes of Mercedes.

“I think it’s a bit disappointing that again there is a rule change mid-season, I would say,” Verstappen told RACER.

“It’s not even about affecting us more or less than other teams, but it shouldn’t be that one team is complaining a lot and suddenly then they change the regs around it.”

For teams that got their design right like Red Bull, Verstappen believes that this mid-season rule change is unfair.

“I think there are a lot of teams that actually did an amazing job to not have these kind of issues, so it is possible to drive around it,” he said.

“If you raise your car then you won’t have these issues, but you lose performance.

“But if you can’t design the car properly for that then that’s your fault, it’s not the regs fault.”

Verstappen unhappy with rule change

Max Verstappen. Credit:

Verstappen personally felt that the change in rules at this stage of the season is a ‘shame’.

“For me that is a bit of a shame,” Verstappen said.

“Of course every track is different, too, but I think it’s a bit of a shame to change it mid-season and clearly teams have shown you can drive normally, or at least with a lot less issues than some other teams.”

Despite this rule change, Verstappen remains confident that he can build on his success from last week’s win in Baku.

“Montreal is a really beautiful city and arriving off the back of a 1-2 in Baku, it would be great to leave Canada with the same result,” he said.

Will Verstappen be successful in Canada as well, or will the rule change allow Mercedes a route back? Let us know in the comments.

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