Max Verstappen takes early shot at newly knighted Hamilton – “I can’t become sir in Netherlands”

Stefano Domenicali provided his verdict on Lewis Hamilton’s future, saying that he believes he will be back.

Hamilton’s future seems to be up in the air after being robbed at the 2021 season finale. The FIA made a decision that snatched the title away from him in the dying moments of the race, breaking the heart of the driver and those of his fans.

Such a controversial decision was met with backlash from fans, but remarkable silence from the seven-time world champion. He appeared to be disillusioned regarding the entire thing, staying quiet on social media and refusing to give any interviews.

Many speculated that he might be considering retiring from the sport altogether after the farce at Yas Marina. The rumours seem to gathering storm in recent days, but the F1 CEO doesn’t believe a word of it.

Domenicali provided his verdict on Hamilton’s future, saying that he thinks the British Knight will be back on the grid next season.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport as quoted by, the Italian said, “I’m sure he will recharge his batteries and come back with even more desire than before to win the eighth world title.”

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Hamilton (pictured) might retire next season. Source:

Honours even

Max Verstappen, the man who beat Hamilton to the world championship, agreed with the F1 boss’ comments. He also revealed his thoughts on Hamilton getting knighted, saying that he can’t see himself becoming a ‘sir’.

“I can’t become ‘sir’ in the Netherlands, but I don’t need that either,” the Dutchman said.

“I’m a racing driver and the title of world champion is enough.”

When asked about Hamilton’s potential retirement, the Red Bull driver said, “Normally, Lewis has to come back.

“Those words came to my mind after the race, but I think for him it was a normal emotional reaction. So I count on him coming back.”

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