Sometimes, you look like an absolute genius when you nail a prediction. And sometimes, you look like the biggest idiot in the world.

Four-time world champion Alain Prost is many things to an F1 fan. Champion, legend, daredevil, and quick are just some of the words one can use to describe one of the all-time great drivers in the history of the sport.

However, what he may not be is a fortune teller, or an astrologer. Back in July, he made a statement that ruffled a few feathers. Fast-forward to December, and he has been absolutely mudded.

In late July, Prost had said, “You can take Lewis Hamilton to a war and he’ll win it for you all alone.

“For Max Verstappen you need to give him a superior car and team orders so he could actually do something.

“Max Verstappen is closer to the fraud debate than the G.O.A.T debate.”

Well, well, well

Verstappen may not be in the G.O.A.T debate, but calling him a fraud has aged like milk. At the Abu Dhabi GP, ‘Super Max’ passed Hamilton on the last lap to cross the line and become world champion for the first time in his career.

“Mercedes, not happy. Red Bull will be delighted. They have shared a brilliant championship battle. But the championship can only be won by one, AND IT’S GOING DUTCH IN 2021! MAX VERSTAPPEN, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, IS CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!”

Those were the words of David Croft seconds before Verstappen won the title. Prost may have sunk into his seat lower and lower on that final lap.

In his defence, though, he was 100% right about Hamilton. The man fought unbelievable odds to go to the last race with everything to play for. He fought a war and nearly won it alone too. Unfortunately, he couldn’t prove Prost’s hot take right.

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  1. Your forgetting how max managed to pass on the last lap. It wasn’t on merit in the slightest. Lewis dominated max in the last race.

  2. Essentially what came before the last lap meant nothing so this was a one lap race. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is one lap.
    Hamilton starts with old hard tyres. Verstappen on new stickies.
    Is that a fair competition? No?
    There you have it. Hamilton is hamstrung from the start.

    • Why didn’t Mercedes pit Lewis? He would have been on new stickies as well.

      Mercedes had quote a few flawed tyre choices in the season. Lewis himself wasn’t impressed not being pitted. But, now they won’t acknowledge that now, they want to make it sound unfair!

      • If they pitted Hamilton, he would have lost the track position to Vestappen and then Masi would have rightly ended the race behind the safety car as he did to let Vestappen win before this season.
        Hamilton was doomed either way. It was rigged and was going to be rigged either way.
        I agree with Prost’s assessment of bordering fraud, Horner lobbied for a fraudulent act and Masi delivered it.

    • Ham had a chance to change tires but didn’t. That’s on merc. Everyone blaming max when he had nothing to do with what FIA decided. Merc just begging to have it handed to them under yellow. It would have made no difference if they let the other three cars by. Max was still be behind him and still passing ham on last lap. Get over it. I am sure Prost never had any help in winning a championship. Had to wreck Sena to do it and have the FIA penalize Sena on another occasion to win as well.

  3. Not fully in agreement with Prost saying Max is a fraud but; Team orders – Checo holding up Hamilton so Max wasn’t further back for the safety car stopping Hamilton from pitting and keep track position and then the infamous lapped car call with the superior tyres on his car….
    Seems Max had Team orders and Superior car (for the last lap anyway).
    Max did deserve the title this year and he did what Lewis would have done on the last lap of the roles were reversed it’s a shame the outcome was decided by dodgy officiating decisions.

  4. Although I was hoping for Lewis to win an 8th title, after Max’s amazing qualifying lap, I came to the view that the best driver should win.

    Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and it tarnished a great season. It wasn’t only the last race that was tarnished as it highlighted inconsistencies throughout the season and it’s reminiscent of staged wrestling matches.

    I’m not certain I’ll bother to plan our weekends round F1 next year without assurance that F1 cleans up its act.

  5. Given the title is not winning it what a joke for the woke girls and snowflakes how can you be proud to win that way he will not be happy in years to come

  6. Actually Prost nailed it there… last lap controversies aside, Checo was ordered to hold back Lewis… & drove to do just that. Lewis had this one Massi just Nascared F1

  7. You’re all forgetting Hamilton was Lucky to even have a chance by the last race, Hamilton took out verstappen at Silverstone and got crashed into by bottas so only got 2 points there. Plus mercedes felt like putting in a new engine any time they felt performance drop. Can’t blame red bull at all for wanting a racing finish, and toto whining about it but he would have done the same. Masi may have made a mistake, but he just wanted a racing finish.


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