Verstappen lays out truth about Hamilton – “We did hate each other”

Max Verstappen laid out the truth about Lewis Hamilton, saying that there were moments of tension between them.

The two drivers rivalled each other for the world championship. Verstappen aimed to win his first one and Hamilton his eighth. Ultimately, the title went the former, who beat the latter on the last lap of the last race to clinch the thrilling season.

The duo were hardly best friends; in fact they had quite a few tense moments this season. Verstappen laid out the truth about Hamilton, and insisted they couldn’t help hating each other at times.

“You look each other in the eye, you don’t say a lot but you do relate a lot and you really appreciate the fight,” he said, as quoted by

“Sometimes we did hate each other, but that’s fine. That’s the competitive spirit of both of us. He is an incredible driver.”

Title contenders Verstappen and Hamilton. Source: Getty Images


“Emotions run very high. It has done before, throughout the season, so I think that’s normal,” the Dutchman continued.

“What was nice was that immediately after the race, he came up to me. We had our moments throughout the year when we clashed but we really respect each other.

“We have pushed each other to the limit. Most of the time – all the racers – we were on the limit of what we could do, what the car could do.

“Also for the teams, they were under pressure to make the right calls. We always have to deliver our best otherwise we knew the other guy would beat us. We can look back at it and really cherish that.

“It must have been incredibly tough on Lewis and the team, but he has won seven titles, so maybe that comforts him in a way. Next year, I’m sure he will be delivering to his very best, which is a very, very high level.

“It depends on how our cars are, but personally I hope (the rivalry with Hamilton continues). He’s been an amazing competitor. It has been a real pleasure driving against him,” he concluded.

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