Verstappen makes admission regarding championship win – “Sometimes you have to be a jerk”

2021 World Champion Max Verstappen made an admission regarding his maiden championship win, saying that he won because he was willing to do anything.

Verstappen won the world championship in dramatic and highly controversial fashion. As if that wasn’t enough, his reputation for being a rash driver and an aggressor on track wasn’t exactly redeemed. Throughout the 2021 season, the Dutchman has been involved in various tussles on track, most of them with his title rival Lewis Hamilton.

The Red Bull driver received many penalties throughout the season for his aggressive driving. With the way he won the championship, his critics did not exactly have a changed opinion of him. However, he revealed that he couldn’t care less about people criticising his methods.

Verstappen made an admission regarding his maiden championship win, saying that one has to embrace the dark arts to succeed.

In Part 1 of Ziggo Sport’s documentary on the champion titled ‘Whatever it takes’, Verstappen is heard as saying, “You are there to win.

“I don’t care how you do it as long as you cross the line. And yes sometimes you have to be a jerk for that. That’s just the way it is.”

Super Max

The 24-year-old became world champion on the last lap of the last race of the season. Having spent the entire Abu Dhabi GP chasing shadows, a late Safety Car and some bizarre interpretation of the rules handed him a golden chance to take the lead.

Take the lead is what he did, as he passed his championship rival and crossed the line first to win the race and his first world championship. 2022 will see him defend his title, and he will have a target on his back.

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