Verstappen makes revelation regarding mentally exhausting championship win – “Can’t have that drama”

Max Verstappen made a revelation regarding his championship win, saying the entire season took a toll on him.

From the time he debuted in F1, Verstappen was labelled an elite driver. He had blistering pace and great racecraft, and was one of the most exciting drivers to watch.

As more seasons came under his belt, he matured and started showing less of that aggressive decision-making and more of thought-out decisions. It helped him in his development, including netting him a world championship in 2021.

Verstappen made a revelation regarding his championship win, saying it was unhealthy to have a 2021 season every season.

In an interview with The Guardian, the Red Bull driver, “You can’t have that drama every single year, for sure. It’s not good for me, it’s not healthy for anyone in the team – both teams.”

Verstappen contested a titanic battle with Lewis Hamilton. He had a lot of clashes with his rival, but revealed that he holds him in great regard.

“I only saw him quickly, when we took our helmets off, and I think it was ‘congrats, man’. I don’t even know the words anymore,” he said.

Max Verstappen takes a moment. Abu Dhabi December 2021
Verstappen (pictured) after winning his world championship. Source:

“But it was nice of him, of course, to immediately come over.”

Understanding the feeling

Verstappen explained that although he truly felt for Hamilton losing the title in the cruel way he did, saying it would have hurt a little less given how many championships he has won.

“For me, it’s difficult to picture myself in that situation because I’m not a seven-time World Champion,” he explained.

“If I was already a seven-time World Champion it hurts a bit less than when I’m fighting for my first, leading all the way, controlling it all the way, then losing it on the last lap.

“That would be way more painful than already having seven in the bag.”

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