Verstappen mocks Wolff during virtual endurance race – “No, Mikey! No!”

World Champion Max Verstappen mocked Mercedes boss Toto Wolff after his teammate suffered a crash during a virtual endurance race.

Verstappen won the world championship at Wolff and Mercedes’ expense at the last race in Abu Dhabi. He defeated Mercedes driver and seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton in a titanic battle that saw both drivers trade blows throughout.

The race saw Wolff lose his cool with what was happening at Race Control. His radio message to Race Director Michael Masi where he said a now-memed-to-oblivion “No, Michael, no, no, Michael, that was so not right!” became synonymous with his team’s defeat.

Now, Verstappen mocked Wolff after his teammate suffered a crash during a virtual endurance race, using his dialogue as a joke.  

After one of his teammates was shunted out of the race by another racer, the Dutchman didn’t mind too much. Instead, he proceeded to joke about it, and used Wolff’s line against him.

“So instead of losing the spot (position), he just shunts you out of the way. I will report it to Michael Masi,” he joked, as quoted by

He then mockingly shouted “No, Mikey! No!” in a gesture of comedy.


Masi’s call at the Abu Dhabi GP’s final lap has led to the fiasco F1 finds itself in today. The fallout from Yas Marina has seen protests, legal battles, divided fans and investigations, and that’s just beginning to describe it.

Even though the Australian’s decision made for an entertaining watch, it was a breaking of the rules, and something that should have never been done.

It also ended up influencing the world championship result by handing the incentive to the dormant Verstappen, an opportunity he took with both hands.

Verstappen will defend his title in 2022. He will look to prove his haters wrong and remind them that he can stay champion as well as he can become one.

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