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Max Verstappen poked fun at the FIA for fining him during the Brazilian GP.

Verstappen was spotted touching Lewis Hamilton’s rear wing in parc ferme. Video footage emerged to support the action, with what the Dutchman did being deemed a racing offence.

The stewards fined the championship leader a €50,000 fine, causing heated debate and discussion among fans. There were also those who saw the funny side of it, and one of them was the Red Bull driver himself.

Verstappen poked fun at the FIA for fining him, and said that they should probably enjoy themselves with the money he paid them with.

“It’s quite a big fine, so I hope they have a nice dinner and a lot of wine, some good expensive wine!” Verstappen told

“That would be nice, and they can invite me for dinner as well. I’ll pay for that dinner, too!”

Red Bull stated that they would not be funding Verstappen’s fine, and that means he will have to pay it himself.

Verstappen (pictured) laughed off the fine he received. Source: Red Bull

This does not seem to bother him too much. When asked by Valtteri Bottas as to who was paying the hefty fine, Verstappen confirmed that he was doing it. He stated that he was okay with it, suggesting that the only thing it would affect was his online FIFA career.

“I do,” he replied to Bottas’ question. “So that means less FIFA points for me on my laptop!”

Not fine by the FIA

Lewis Hamilton was also summoned by the stewards along with Verstappen. His offence was running a wing that was apparently illegal.

It was confirmed to be so, and the driver was given a penalty of the sprint race, which saw him start at the back of the grid.

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