Verstappen prefers Honda over Renault – “We work much more integrated”

Max Verstappen has stated that he prefers Honda over Renault, saying his team’s current engine partner is a better bunch of people to work with.

Red Bull had Renault as their engine partner until recently. They parted ways with the French manufacturer unceremoniously, citing reliability issues that were preventing them from being championship contenders.

They are currently using Honda engines and the results have been exemplary. Red Bull and Verstappen lead the Drivers’ Championship, and have been very quick in every race they have competed in.

Next season will see Honda leave F1 and Red Bull use their partnership to produce their own engines. Honda will help Red Bull with the transition, and will help them stand on their own feet even after they are gone.

As such, Verstappen stated that he prefers Honda over Renault, saying that they are just more integrated with his team.

“The relationship is different now, purely because we work much more integrated than before,” Verstappen told

The Red Bull-Honda partnership in all its glory. Source:

“It’s just a very different mentality, and I’m not saying that to criticise Renault, but it’s very different. I really enjoy working with Honda.”

Speaking about Red Bull’s switch to independent engine manufacturing, the Dutchman said, “Of course, we are fully committed to that now, so I have a lot of confidence in that.

“Only time will show how it will go. You can’t fill that in yet. Red Bull is, of course, doing everything it can to make it a success.”


With Honda departing F1, Red Bull paid tribute to the manufacturer by racing in a special livery at the Turkish GP. Verstappen addressed the gesture as well, and said that Honda deserved it.

“The livery was intended for the Japanese Grand Prix weekend in Suzuka, but it is nice that we still put it on the car in Turkey,” Verstappen said.

“That shows how good the relationship is. (It was) very nice to see.”

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