Verstappen saysAlbon’s move to Williams is a “bit like Gasly”

Max Verstappen has commented on Alex Albon’s move to Williams, saying it reminds him of a certain Pierre Gasly.

George Russell moving to Mercedes from Williams opened the floodgates of a flurry of transfers. By the end of it, Albon was announced as the successor to Russell’s seat. The Thai driver returns to the spirt after a year of absence, before which he was teammates with Verstappen at Red Bull.

The Dutchman expressed his happiness with his former teammate getting an F1 seat for the next season, and commented on Albon’s move to Williams.

“I had sent him a message that I was very happy for him, and that he can just start again,” Verstappen said, as quoted by GP Blog.

Verstappen draws comparison: 'That was a bit like Pierre Gasly'
Verstappen (pictured) gave his thoughts on Albon’s move to Williams.

“If you look at what he did at Toro Rosso, that was a bit like Pierre Gasly – looked very good. Only then he came to Red Bull and struggled.”

“That car just didn’t suit him, I think. I think at Williams, he can show himself again with less pressure. I’ve always told him too, we used to race each other in go-karts. He is good. Just because of certain circumstances he couldn’t show it,” said the world championship leader.


Verstappen’s words of encouragement will be appreciated by Albon. He had a bad season at Red Bull, and failed to live up to expectations. This is his redemption arc, and he will be keen to take full advantage of the second chance he has earned.

The 2022 season will see Albon team up with Nicholas Latifi, who retained his seat at Williams after some quality showings since the Hungarian GP. In a car and with a team that no one expects to trouble the big boys, Albon can do his thing with less of worry and more of focus.

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