Verstappen says Hamilton is scared of him – “I make him nervous”

Max Verstappen said Lewis Hamilton was scared of him, and proceeded to detail out why that was the case.

History awaits as Verstappen and Hamilton get ready to race on Sunday. Championships and personal glory are on the line, and the two will be giving absolutely everything.

The Dutchman is aiming to win his first world title, while his British counterpart is gunning for his eighth. There couldn’t be two more different championship contenders than the duo.

However, Verstappen said Hamilton was scared of him, and said that the sight of him in LH44’s mirrors is a scary one.

Speaking to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf as quoted by Fox Sports Australia, when asked if he thinks he is the better driver, Verstappen said, “I think you should be like that if you’re a Formula 1 driver. So I say yes, absolutely.

“But I don’t need to hear that from anyone else. I don’t need that recognition. I find it much more important what I think myself, and what the people who are close to me think.

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Verstappen (pictured) is not scared of anybody. Source:

“If I had been in his (Hamilton’s) car, the season would have been decided long ago.”

Who’s under pressure?

The age-old battle of youth versus experience has its latest case study in the current rivalry. Verstappen like most youths is confident, and is in fact full of it.

“At least I’m not afraid of him,” he claimed.

“I think I’ll make him nervous if he sees me in his mirrors. He’s a different driver than me, less aggressive. He doesn’t know how to race like I do.

“I can’t blame him for that either, because he was never able to learn that like I did from my father,” he concluded.

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