Vettel advises Schumacher to join Ferrari despite personal failure – “People always see the glass half empty”

Sebastian Vettel advised Mick Schumacher to join Ferrari despite the four-time champion failing during his time there.

Vettel’s time at Ferrari is well-documented. Having joined to much fanfare and promise, everything looked positive for the former Red Bull driver. However, he failed to add to his four titles, and ended up departing from the team after six years.

Even though he challenged for the title in 2017 and 2018, he tailed off massively, with the team’s atmosphere also turning extremely toxic. The Scuderia ended up forcing him out of the team, ending their relationship on a sour note.

Despite all of this, Vettel advised Schumacher to join Ferrari and follow in the footsteps of his illustrious father.

As quoted by, when asked if he wants to see Michael Schumacher’s son race with Ferrari, the Aston Martin driver said, “Yes, absolutely. Even though I didn’t have any great success there.

“But I still had some good years. And the brand will always be something special. In any case, I wouldn’t advise him against it because of the few things that didn’t work out so well for me.

Vettel (right) wants Schumacher (left) to join Ferrari. Source: Haas

“People tend to always see the glass half empty in memories. I prefer to see it half full and the positive outweighs the negative. Too much grumbling is misplaced, because all in all, we Formula 1 drivers are all doing very well.”


“Of course, the bond through Michael is there,” he continued.

“But Mick comes from a very good family. He’s a very sensible, well-mannered young man who is now ready to go his own way. He’s doing that very well. His work ethic reminds me of his father.

“I sincerely wish him a car with which he can make more of a mark next year. But I am more a friend than someone who feels responsibility. You are always there for friends.

“That’s why I have zero competitive thoughts towards him and am happy to pass on my experience. I rather see the big picture, that we want to progress as a team,” he concluded.

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