Vettel critical of the impression Abu Dhabi GP left for new F1 fans

Sebastian Vettel was critical of the Abu Dhabi GP, saying that the events which took place were not ideal at all.

The controversy of the final laps of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP is still being discussed. Such was the magnitude of the incident that it ended up altering the championship outcome.

The events saw Max Verstappen pass race leader Lewis Hamilton in dramatic circumstances to win the title.

The whole thing was made out into a farce, with drivers, F1 personnel and fans almost unanimous in their hesitant feelings towards it. Among them was the four-time world champion, who was left in disbelief over what had happened.

Vettel was critical of the Abu Dhabi GP, and explained why he took exception to it.  

“The whole thing left quite a strange impression,” the Aston Martin driver told Blick.

“The field behind the Safety Car should have been sorted much earlier. I made the suggestion on the radio after the first lap.

“I had only seen that on the last lap the Dutch fans jumped up. Then I knew Max is in front. And Lewis had no chance with his tyres.

Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Abu Dhabi December 2021.
Vettel (left) with champion Verstappen (right). Source:

“Well, both deserved the title. It’s a shame for Hamilton, because he had a really strong second half of the season. Now I just congratulate both drivers.”

Mixed bag

Vettel also commented on his own season with Aston Martin. It was his debut season with the Silverstone outfit, and he rated it in the way he could.

“Well, if you have to start at the back of the field most of the time, you have a better chance of winning that overtaking title,” he laughingly said.

“I would have preferred more championship points and, above all, I wouldn’t have lost my second place in Budapest. They say that 0.3 litres of fuel were lost in the tank.”

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