Sebastian Vettel has defended Max Verstappen after his Monza crash.

Vettel is a four-time world champion, and so he knows what it must be like to be Verstappen now. The Dutchman is competing for his first ever world championship, but finds himself in hot water after crashing into Lewis Hamilton at the Italian GP.

He got a penalty for his actions, and also a barrage of fan criticism saying he drove into Hamilton on purpose.

The Aston Martin drive understands the pressure of being a championship contender, and how that means the driver is scrutinised for the tiniest of errors. Vettel defended Verstappen after his Monza crash, and said that no driver would crash into a fellow racer on purpose.

Speaking to SkySports, Vettel said, “I don’t think so. I don’t think any of us have any intention of crashing.

Vettel on Max's crash at Monza: 'None of us have that intention'
Vettel (pictured) said no driver would ever crash into a fellow one intentionally. Source:

“But as it turns out, when things go wrong, sometimes someone is to blame, sometimes not. I think it’s normal.

“It’s then up to the stewards and people to decide if someone was at fault, which I don’t think is always easy, because every situation is different. But as long as you’re not involved yourself it’s not that important to you.”


Vettel was also quizzed regarding his predictions for the championships this season. He was asked if the driver would be the main reason, or whether the car be the one that separates first and second place.

He gave his thoughts on the same, saying that the Mercedes and Red Bull cars are very similar in terms of speed, so it will be a Hamilton versus Verstappen decider.

“I think the machines look similar, so I think the driver will be decisive,” Vettel said.

“But yes, I’m watching from a distance, so it’s not our primary focus at the moment.”

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