Vettel accused of being a fraud in ‘misleading public’; ridiculed for performing redundant activities

Former F1 driver and current Formula E racer Lucas di Grassi has lashed out at Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel for his recent comments on the all-electric championship.

Vettel takes a central role as far as spreading awareness about environmental and societal issues are concerned.

Having decided to end his career in Formula 1 at the end of the current season, there has been some speculation about what the future holds for the German.

Featuring in other motorsport series may be one of the options in front of the four-time F1 world champion.

He was questioned about the chances of him featuring in Formula E in an interview with German media outlet Zeit, either as a driver or brand ambassador.

“I don’t want to be a mascot and I don’t want to put my face forward for something that doesn’t fully convince me,” he said.

“I don’t understand the meaning behind [Formula E]. The battery technology that is being developed has nothing to do with the technology that a normal car could use.

“It is not good for the environment if the batteries are charged not with renewable energy but with fossil fuels.”

Di Grassi lashes out

Sebastian Vettel. Credit:

Di Grassi, who has featured in F1 with Virgin, is also someone who takes a front role in spreading the message of environmental issues and is a United Nations ambassador as well.

He was left far from happy with how Vettel described Formula E and questioned his hypocritical stance.

“If Vettel doesn’t want to come to Formula E, it is his choice,” di Grassi said on Twitter.

“Although it is the second highest paid single-seater series in the world, [it is] still far away from a top F1 salary.

“Now to say that the technology of the cars are less relevant to the future of automobiles, he either has no idea of what he is talking about or is trying to mislead the general public on purpose.

“And/or all that green stuff he has been doing lately – collecting trash, riding bicycles etc – is completely greenwashing, not what he truly believes.

“So, whatever he likes the series or not, he should be supportive of it. That’s all.”

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