Sebastian Vettel has gone back on his initial statement against Michael Masi.

When Lando Norris crashed at the Eau Rouge corner in Q3, Vettel was fuming. The stewards and Race Director Michael Masi had allowed it to happen despite appalling conditions. As a result, Vettel was furious, and ripped into them on the radio.

Despite his anger, the four-time champion has now changed his tune. In his interview after qualification, Vettel went back on his initial statement against Masi, and said he had been a bit too harsh on him.

As reported by GPBlog, Vettel said, “I think Michael is not proud of what happened. 

“He is not captain hindsight. When I went down Eau Rouge and arrived at the top, there was a lot of standing water. There are lots of things we can do. It could have been a different outcome for Lando.

“It’s always difficult to judge, but I think the red flag should have been waved earlier. You can’t see much from the garage, only TV footage. But if you know that the marshals are reporting that there is too much rain and water, then the light shouldn’t go green,” he explained.

Stellar shift

Vettel’s experience and driving ability in the rain helped him do well, as he qualified in P5. His performance was exceptional, and ultimately helped Aston Martin gain some valuable points in their tussle with Alpine and AlphaTauri. He reviewed his performance and stated that he had good fun.

“It was good fun,” Vettel said. 

“I enjoyed it. It was very difficult, but overall a long session. Good to be higher up on the grid. I think there was a little bit more, at least one position, maybe a couple more. I went off on the last lap in my fastest attempt in Turn 8, I was a bit too greedy I guess, and locked up, but still happy with the day.” Vettel concluded.


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