Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton differ over opinions on the Eau Rouge corner at Spa.

The Belgian Grand Prix qualification was utterly mad, and saw some crazy results. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the Lando Norris crash in Q3. He crashed at Eau Rouge, the notorious corner at Spa. Looking at that incident, Vettel and Hamilton shared their opinions, and differed over them.

“Maybe Eau Rouge got too easy over the years & thus too fast,” Vettel said.

“Obviously, the cars have a lot of grip, but maybe we should make it tighter again, just like before, so it becomes more of a challenge again.”

Hamilton disagreed with Vettel, saying it required a minor change.

“I think they’ve just got to get rid of the bump and then leave Eau Rouge as it is,” he said. “But they’ll do what they do. I don’t feel they need to spend the money.

“I love Eau Rouge, it’s the way it is, but the fact that this track still holds the essence of that danger, I think, it’s good, I hope the changes don’t take that away,” he concluded.

Difficult conditions

Hamilton’s race was also affected by the uneven surface. Even though he will start third on the grid, it was not a very impressive showing from the seven-time champion. Vettel, meanwhile, did impressively, and lived up to the moniker of ‘Wet-tel’.

It is interesting and shocking to note that Norris’ Q3 crash wasn’t the only crash at Spa this weekend. The W series had a five-car crash due to the slippery conditions at the circuit. So many crashes this weekend, and it will be a scary race on Sunday.

Vettel called for big changes to the track, while Hamilton backed the track to even out. The Belgian Grand Prix is already a challenging race. With the rain, it will make for an exciting watch.


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