Sebastian Vettel has made a hilarious confession regarding his FIA hearing after the 2017 Azerbaijan GP, saying he drank his worries away.

Vettel was driving for Ferrari at the time, and was annoyed with Lewis Hamilton for slowing down at the apex of a corner behind a Safety Car. He collided into the rear end of his Mercedes, and in a fit of rage, banged wheels with him to express his disapproval.

That landed Vettel in hot water, and it was one of the most controversial moments of the 2017 season. Vettel was summoned to the FIA for a hearing. He apologised for his actions, and received three penalty points for his part in the incident.

Vettel made a hilarious confession regarding his FIA hearing, and said that he was drunk the evening before the important event to celebrate his 30th birthday.

As quoted by, when asked which birthday of his he enjoyed the most, Vettel said, “(My) 30th, because I had lots of friends there.”

“We had a good party. I don’t celebrate my birthday normally, but 30, I thought, ‘Special occasion.’ I got in a really good mood, if you see what I mean.

Vettel (pictured) said he was drunk the day before his ruling. Source:

“And the next day I had the hearing at the FIA in Paris, because of the Baku incident. You know, when I drove into Lewis, because I was angry that he stopped, blah blah blah…”

The funny side

Vettel’s hearing was breaking news at the time, because the entire controversy was massively covered. Given that the two drivers were involved in the championship battle that season, it was made extra heated.

Four years later, Vettel let us all in on the details behind that hearing, and now it seems like he saw the funny side of the whole thing.

He revealed some other things in the video as well, including being mistaken by fans for Daniel Ricciardo, and his wife being the first one to make him “starstruck”.

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