Vettel takes a swipe at FIA, threatens to ‘touch’ Hamilton’s rear wing

Sebastian Vettel has mocked the FIA after the Brazilian GP sprint, saying that he felt like touching Lewis Hamilton’s wing.

The FIA was at the centre of much debate and discussion when they slapped Max Verstappen with a hefty fine for touching Hamilton’s car and his wing in parc ferme after qualifying. Fans ripped into the FIA, because while it is illegal, they have not fined other drivers before.

Verstappen was fined €50k and was given a warning. He escaped a racing penalty because he hadn’t caused any damage to the Mercedes, but it was still very harsh. With this incident in mind, the jester in the four-time world champion decided to have a laugh about it.

Vettel mocked the FIA after the Brazilian GP sprint and teased touching Hamilton’s car, with his engineer also joining in for a laugh.

“Thank you, I’m going to touch Hamilton’s rear wing,” he told Aston Martin after being pulled into parc ferme, as quoted by Planet F1.

When his engineer joined in the banter and said it would be an expensive affair, the hilarious Vettel replied, “I’m joking! I’ll try the front-wing, maybe it’s €25k.”


Vettel had a great sprint race on Saturday, as he crossed the line in tenth place. With Hamilton’s penalty coming into play, he will be promoted to P9 on Sunday.

However, with Hamilton and other fast cars behind him, the German is not confident about his chances, and stated that a sprint miracle may not happen again.

“I think tomorrow will be difficult,” he told the media after the sprint.

“The cars behind us are faster. McLaren is behind, we will have Lewis behind again, so it’s going be difficult to hang on.

“We will see what happens tomorrow. We had a good start, so I am ready for everything,” he concluded.

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