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Sebastian Vettel has responded to talks regarding his off-track activities, saying he does not do it for publicity.

Vettel is a four-time world champion in Formula 1, and his track record in the sport is exceptional. He is also a regular feature for news regarding his projects, endeavours and activities off the track.

The Aston Martin driver is a vocal environmental activist, and does what he can to make positive changes for the environment. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he successfully completed an organic farming internship. Since then, he has been involved in various projects in the field.

He built a bee hotel with children in Austria, and was spotted cleaning up Silverstone after the British GP.

The German recently spoke about his activities, and why he does what he does. He said that his standing and fame as an F1 driver can help people take note of the message. He said that everyone must take part in credible projects.

Speaking to, Vettel responded to talks regarding his off-track activities, saying he does not do it for publicity.

Vettel considers credibility important: I do not do this for publicity
Vettel (pictured) is a great activist in addition to being a great driver. Source:

“I don’t do these things so people look at them,” Vettel said.

“The first thing I always want to make sure of is that it makes sense, and that it helps the place where we are at that moment.”

“It’s great when people show interest and start thinking about doing things differently. But for me, the first priority is always that it’s credible, and that what you’re doing makes sense.

“It’s nice to talk about what we should be doing, but I think you then have to do it yourself. Otherwise it’s not authentic,” he concluded.

Green warrior

Vettel’s work for the environment is one of the best examples of a celebrity setting a good example. He carries his principles into his real life as well, doing things like owning a hybrid car despite his riches and fortune.

The former Ferrari driver is a class act on and off the track. More of Vettel in the world will not be a bad thing. It certainly wouldn’t be for the environment.

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