Sky F1 reporter unearths ‘signs’ that Sebastian Vettel will turn down Aston Martin offer and announce retirement

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel has noticeably been far from happy with the level of competitiveness of his car and according to a Sky Sports journalist, he is just biding his time till he calls time on his career at the end of the season.

Aston Martin’s struggles in the last couple of years have been there for all to see, but the team was still convinced that it could retain Vettel and get him to sign a contract extension.

However, Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz believes that Vettel will turn this offer down and retire from F1 at the end of the current campaign.

Much has been made of Vettel’s lost love for F1 amidst a challenging second half to his career.

Kravitz’s guess of Vettel retiring from the sport is not baseless, though. He has observed ‘signs’ which have led him to believe that Vettel will look to make a future elsewhere.

The Sky F1 reporter believes that Aston Martin has already offered Vettel a deal, but the driver himself is not convinced about the project.

What signs has Kravitz seen that point towards retirement for Vettel?

Sebastian Vettel. Credit:

“Aston Martin want him to stay and I understand that they have made him an offer,” Kravitz said in his Ted’s Notebook programme.

“I just don’t know whether he is going to accept it. That’s what is going on.

“Sebastian seems to be behaving in a few certain and critical ways, like bringing his kids to the race track in Austria, that suggests to me that he is going to make this his last year in Formula 1.

“See if you can pick up for the rest of the season whether you think Sebastian is behaving in a way that he is thinking ‘you know what? This is going to be it.’

“And with all the old cars he has been driving recently like with the Williams at Silverstone, I’m just wondering if this is going to be his last year and he has already made that decision.

“But, we will see…”

If indeed Vettel does choose to call time on his career, it is not yet known who will partner Lance Stroll at Aston Martin going ahead.

Amongst the potential candidates is Pierre Gasly and Daniel Ricciardo.

However, they have both affirmed their interest in continuing their careers with AlphaTauri and McLaren respectively, at least for next season.

Another person who might believe he is in with a shot is Aston Martin reserve driver Nico Hulkenberg who also stood in to deputise for Vettel at the 2022 Bahrain and Saudi Arabian GPs after the German was ruled out due to illness.

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