Vettel hints at wanting return to forefront – “The satisfaction in midfield is just not the same”

Sebastian Vettel has revealed his dislike for midfield racing, saying it isn’t half as exciting as wins and podiums.

Vettel is a four-time world champion, and has been on top the F1 mountain. He knows what it is like to be up there. Until 2018, he was regularly in the hunt for wins and podiums.

Since then, he had a horrific season at Ferrari and is now at Aston Martin. The British team is a midfield team this season, so Vettel is naturally in the mix for 7th-10th place every weekend. It has been a long time since his last win, and the German misses the wining feeling.

Vettel revealed his dislike for midfield racing, and said that although he is happy with his performances, it just isn’t the same.

“The satisfaction when you cross the line just doesn’t feel the same,” he told Sky Sports, as quoted by Planet F1.

“Once you’ve won a race and been on the podium and you’ve got this massive boost from the fans afterwards and, in a way, confirmation.

Sebastian Vettel track walk. Hungary July 2021
Vettel (pictured) wants to return to the title picture. Source:

“Now you race and you get an eighth or 10th place and you feel you’ve done a really good race, no mistakes, but it’s 10th, it’s ninth, it’s eighth, it’s not really what I’m here for. Maybe I’m spoiled, I got used to winning and being at the front.”

Here to win

Vettel joined the Aston Martin project after owner Lawrence Stroll convinced him of his ambitions to make his team a title contender. He will not be around much longer, so this is his last shot at glory.

“Lawrence is very serious and the team is on track. Everything that is happening is very, very promising,” he added.

“To set out a schedule is always difficult because everyone is setting out the same schedule – we all want to go back to winning ways, whether it’s McLaren, Alpine, there are two teams at the moment fighting each other at the front, you’ve got Ferrari.

“I always believe there’s a race to win, otherwise I wouldn’t start anymore. But sure, if you look at the statistics, if you start 12th or eighth or 10th, then you’re not in pole position literally.

“I have no regrets and I think that’s the main thing,” he concluded.

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