Mark Webber is concerned with Max Verstappen’s lack of pace recently, saying that Red Bull need to back him fully if he has to win the championship.

Verstappen was second-best throughout at the Turkish GP, as race winner Valtteri Bottas eased to a dominating victory. The Dutchman barely got a sniff of the Mercedes driver, and never looked like mounting a challenge for the win.

Verstappen finished almost 15 seconds behind Bottas, and even he conceded that his team needed to pick up the pace soon.

Webber is concerned with Verstappen’s lack of pace, and said that if he doesn’t get the right car, he could lose the race for the Drivers’ Championship.

As quoted by, Webber told the F1 Nation Podcast, “I think that my little concerns off the back of (the Turkish GP) are – are Red Bull giving Max the car for closing this championship out?

Max Verstappen
Webber urged Red Bull to make Verstappen (pictured) faster. Source: Getty Images

“Because I think that I would have lost a lot of money for Valtteri to have the measure of Max in those conditions. I thought Verstappen would run rings around him all day long, but he couldn’t react to the speed of Valtteri. It was interesting.

“I think in terms of performance, dry and wet, Red Bull know they need to react to the Mercedes’ pace now, with these new engines that Mercedes have put in the back of the car, or some aero, or whatever’s going on.

“Max is really hanging in there. OK, he had a shunt in Monza, but I think (in) Russia he drove brilliantly, obviously, and that’s all he could get out of the car in Turkey as well.”

Advantage – Mercedes

Webber pointed out that for the last six races of the season, he would be backing Mercedes as the favourite.

“I just think that the tracks we have just been to…don’t forget that Valtteri stormed to pole in Monza, but had the penalty, so he could have done what he did in Turkey as well and disappeared at that race without the penalty,” the former F1 driver continued.

“So I think they are just starting to get a bit more of a spring in their step at this crucial point in the championship.”

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