Webber surprised with Vettel’s Turkish GP gamble – “He never did this before”

Mark Webber was left surprised with Sebastian Vettel’s Turkish GP gamble, saying he never expected him to go for such a move.

Vettel had a moment of madness at Istanbul. With the track damp and the entire grid on intermediates, he went into the pits for a change of tyres. However, everyone was left surprised when he came out with a set of mediums, including Webber.

The move backfired spectacularly, as Vettel spun and slid all the way back to the pits. The team admitted defeat and called him back in for intermediates, but he had lost a lot of track positions by then.

Webber was left surprised with Vettel’s Turkish GP gamble, saying he didn’t think his former teammate would actually gamble like that.

“I actually liked it, because normally he never did this,” Webber said on the Formula 1 Nation Podcast.

Former teammate of Vettel left surprised: 'He never did this before'
Vettel’s (pictured) race was summed up by this. Source: gpblog.com

“He never made the first decision- he was always looking for someone to serve as a guinea pig. He was trying something incredible now. I had no idea what he must have been thinking.

“The team cares about those few points, but that doesn’t matter much to Vettel. He wants to have a big success. However, the dryline was so narrow that overtaking had also become very difficult.

“It was a daring attempt, but within fifteen seconds it was already clear to him that he had made the wrong choice. Compliments for the attempt though”, he concluded.

Rained on the parade

Vettel could have finished in the top 10 with his pace, but the gamble threw that away. He had a poor race throughout, and eventually the switch to mediums just summed up his weekend.

The German had a lovely race last season, where he finished on the podium from a difficult position. This time, however, he couldn’t repeat those heroics.

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