When Sebastian Vettel was forced to intervene after Bernie Ecclestone made his girlfriend very uncomfortable

Sebastian Vettel is one of the most decorated drivers in modern F1.

While it has been some time since he last won a world championship, there was a period in the sport when the German was consistently challenging and coming home with top honours.

This story dates back to 2012, when Vettel won his third championship. It involves his girlfriend Hanna and at the time F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Following what was a remarkable achievement, Vettel was understandably over the moon with his exploits.

He was celebrating at his motor home when Bernie decided to gatecrash and leave his girlfriend rather uncomfortable.

Ecclestone is a personality that isn’t for everyone’s pallet and this was evident in events that followed after his entry.

Hanna was visibly awkward following the way in which Bernie congratulated her and it made Vettel enter the fray to avoid any more discomfort for his girlfriend.

Many years later in 2019, Vettel finally decided to tie the knot with Hanna and the couple have 3 children together.

It is a known fact for anyone who has followed Vettel’s journey in the sport that his wife Hanna is not one who enjoys the camera spotlight and she is seldom seen around the paddock even now.

Ecclestone has his fair share of detractors but even they will probably agree with the fact that in this instance, he meant no harm.

However, his mannerisms can take some getting used to.

For all it’s worth, Vettel didn’t let this brief moment put a dampener on celebrations.

He had, after all, just closed out an epic world championship following an action-packed final race in Brazil.

Although Vettel finished in sixth position during this particular race, it was enough for him.

What happened in the final race?

Bernie Ecclestone. Credit: skysports.com

Even the 6th place finish came with significant drama. Vettel was, after all, involved in a first-lap incident with Bruno Senna, which pushed him to the last spot.

His main competitor for the title was Fernando Alonso, who must surely have been eyeing his chances at pulling off an unlikely triumph.

Vettel continued to battle and slowly managed to move up the grid as the race went on.

Once again, a slow pit stop pushed Vettel to P12 while Alonso was looking comfortable pretty much throughout.

However, Vettel was having none of it and charged his way up the field to P7, which would have been enough to secure the title.

In what was seen as a clear sign of favouritism, Michael Schumacher allowed Vettel to pass him to take P6 and almost rubber-stamp the title in his favour.

As if that wasn’t enough drama for everyone, Paul di Resta crashed just two laps from the chequered flag and the intervention of the safety car was needed.

This allowed drivers to complete the race in their respective positions, with Vettel closing out the title in P6 while Alonso missed out on the race win, ending in P2.

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