Wolff blames FIA for lack of clarity in rules – “It needs to be reset”

Toto Wolff blamed the FIA for the lack of clarity in the rules, and attributed it to their verdicts.

Wolff and Mercedes have not been big fans of the FIA’s recent decisions. The most appalling example was the pair of incidents at the Brazilian GP.

The stewards first handed their driver a back-of-the-grid start for a dodgy rear wing, and then didn’t do him justice when he was clearly the victim of rash driving.

Wolff blamed the FIA for the lack of clarity in the rules, and said that they should have done better.

As quoted by GP Fans, Wolff explained, “We got the rear wing back (from Brazil) and, as we thought, it was broken.

“It broke in qualifying. We didn’t pass the 85mm slot gap test on the far right side – we passed it on the left and the middle, but not on the middle by a fraction of a millimetre and that’s fine.

“We weren’t allowed to inspect it, nor to make the argument that the part is being broken and consequently we found out that two screws became undone in qualifying, and that caused that right side to be irregular.”

Toto Wolff. Credit: thesportsrush.com

Not ideal at all

“It was reported to the stewards and that was very different to how these things were handled in the past where you would be able to patch up things that got broken during parc ferme.

“But we’ve moved on. It’s a race gone. We were obviously able to turn it around. I wish that Lewis had been able to take more points from the Sprint Qualifying, but that is the past.

“I think now the rules are in a way reset and we’re going to do the best out of it for the next (grands prix) to come,” he concluded.

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