Toto Wolff has blasted Christian Horner for saying he enjoys seeing him suffer and wound up.

Red Bull and Mercedes’ rivalry has long escalated beyond the track. Horner recently revealed that he takes pleasure in seeing Mercedes and Wolff crumble under pressure. Those comments did not sit well with the Mercedes Team Principal.

Wolff blasted Horner for saying he enjoys seeing him suffer and wound up, saying his behaviour was not acceptable at all.

When asked by Channel 4 if he liked what Horner said, Wolff said as reported by GP Blog, “No, not at all. That he thinks about these things is a bit worrying.

Wolff not amused by Horner comments: It's worrying that he thinks about that
Wolff (pictured) was annoyed with Horner’s recent comments. Source:

“I think you must not forget that in 2018 and 2019 we had really hard battles against Ferrari at that stage. I think one of the years we were lying behind before shutdown, only in autumn we managed to turn it around.

“These battles were really hard and no different to the current one,” Wolff concluded.

Fun in conflict

Horner said in his interview earlier that Mercedes did not have any competition earlier, and that he enjoys it when they lose their nerve against Red Bull.

“We’re loving the competition and the more Toto gets wound up, the more fun it becomes,” Horner had said earlier.

“Of course this is the first time Mercedes, and the first time Toto has been in a situation where he has been challenged. He’s been in a situation where he came into the team, the drivers were already signed (and) the engine was already in place.

“He’s done a great job to keep the team winning, but he didn’t really have any competition. This is the first time it’s a true scrap, it’s a true competition. There’s a respect between the teams, but we operate in different ways,” he concluded.

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