Wolff calls for everyone to learn from “repercussions” of Saudi Arabian GP

Toto Wolff called for everyone to learn from the “repercussions” of the Saudi Arabian GP, and warned of severe consequences if not heeded.  

The race in Saudi Arabia was bonkers, but also one of the most controversial ones in recent memory. Drivers and teams were still catching their breath when the race ended, with only one race left for the season to end.

The championship is still not decided, which means it will be decided in Abu Dhabi. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have been at the centre of it, and they head to the UAE level on points and with everything to play for.

Wolff called for everyone to learn from the “repercussions” of the Saudi Arabian GP, and said that he hoped what happened there was a lesson.

“I would hope that the race has enough repercussions that everybody’s going to learn from it and adapt for the final race in Abu Dhabi,” he said, as quoted by the Race.

“I think that similar driving, if it were to be deemed by the stewards as being over the line, would then probably also be penalised in Abu Dhabi. That could well end in a messy situation for everybody and I don’t think that the championship deserves a result influenced by a collision.

Max Verstappen Red Bull Lewis Hamilton Mercedes F1 Saudi Arabian GP
The Saudi Arabian GP in a nutshell. Source: the-race.com

“In that case, I (put my) trust into the self-regulating system.”


Wolff explained that if things aren’t addressed quickly, they would come back to bite the sport later.

“I said in Brazil that we are setting a precedent if it’s not being investigated that could end up really ugly for the championship,” he continued.

“And we’ve seen incidents today that were pretty much Brazil at slower speeds and we don’t want to have that in Abu Dhabi.

“The quicker car with the quicker driver should win the championship and not by taking each other off.”

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