Toto Wolff gushes at Audi F1 entry; Will monitor team situation closely ahead of potential investment

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff feels it is imperative for all teams to understand the magnitude of a team like Audi entering the sport and how it has the ability to disrupt proceedings seem few times over recent F1 history.

While Wolff has reservations against Andretti’s inclusion in the sport, he has absolutely no doubt that Audi would greatly enhance the aura of F1.

“Andretti is a great name. They have done exceptional things in the US,” he said.

“But this is sport and this is business.

“We need to understand what it is you can provide to the sport and if an OEM or multi-national group joins Formula 1 and can demonstrate they are going to spend X amount of dollars, that is obviously a totally different value proposition for all the other teams.

“We have ten franchises that we hope can increase the value and you are certainly not going to increase the value by issuing new franchises to people who cannot increase the overall value of Formula 1.”

Audi will enter sport through Sauber alliance

Audi F1. Credit:
Audi F1. Credit:

As Audi prepares to enter into an alliance with Sauber, which is currently responsible for the manner in which Alfa Romeo operates, Wolff believes it will add great value to the sport.

“To begin, I would never underestimate the Volkswagen Group,” Wolff said.

There is some talk of possible interest in purchasing some stake from Wolff. The Austrian currently holds one-third of Mercedes’ stake.

“They have the financial strength, the knowhow, the racing expertise to come up with a great project,” he said.

“And I think the marriage with Sauber is something that fits. It’s in Switzerland, it’s German-Switzerland, it operates under the same legislative environment.

The Austrian said that Audi’s entry into the sport will definitely put them on his radar, perhaps for potential investment.

“I have them absolutely on the radar.”

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