Toto Wolff has conceded that Lewis Hamilton could start the Turkish GP from the back of the grid.

F1’s title rivalry between Hamilton and Max Verstappen will have another twist to the tale. The possibility of Hamilton taking an engine penalty are very high at the moment, and he might take it in Turkey itself.

Hamilton’s lead over Verstappen is a paltry two points at the moment. An engine penalty will mostly send Verstappen to the top of the standings. His new engine is not confirmed, but it looks very likely.

Wolff conceded that Hamilton could start the Turkish GP from the back of the grid, and revealed that taking it was less pressurising than actually finishing the race.

Speaking before the Turkish GP, Wolff said, “It’s a possibility,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

Lewis Hamilton could start at the back on Sunday as Mercedes consider changing his engine
Hamilton (pictured) could lose his championship lead very soon. Source: Images

“When, and how, is not yet decided. Most important is that you don’t DNF because of a reliability issue.

“You can cope with swings, whether you finish second, third, I think that is okay, the championship is going to go long. But if you don’t finish…(sic).

“So we are looking at the parameters of the engines, making sure we don’t suffer from any reliability problems,” he concluded.

Your move, Lewis

Last race saw Verstappen take an engine penalty, and he romped all the way back to an astonishing P2. As a result, there was massive damage limitation on his end.

Hamilton will be looking to do the same or even better. He can take heart in the fact that the last Turkish GP saw him make history. He completed one of the most stellar drives in history that day, and became a seven-time champion in the process.

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