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Toto Wolff was dismissive of Red Bull’s tech complaints towards Mercedes, saying that he doesn’t care in the slightest.

Mercedes have been operating on another level of pace for quite a while now. Their improved speeds and performances have routinely left their rivals in the dust, especially Red Bull.

The Milton-Keynes outfit have been second-best for a while now, and they haven’t sat around. Red Bull complained to the FIA that Mercedes were employing suspicious measures to go faster, but their complaint was rejected.

When asked for his opinion on those actions, Wolff was dismissive of Red Bull’s tech complaints, saying he couldn’t care less what they were doing.

“That’s one of our homologated parts, so we can’t touch that at all,” Mercedes had said before Wolff chimed in, as quoted by

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Mercedes (pictured) are considered to be the fastest team on the grid. Source:

“As long as they (Red Bull) want to waste energy on something like this, that’s fine with us,” the Austrian added.

“Unfortunately, since the middle of the year, we have had some reliability problems that keep repeating themselves. We’re trying to get the problems under control, but we are yet to fully understand them,” he concluded.

Conspiracy theories

The Red Bull higher-ups were very suspicious of Mercedes, but they were proven wrong by the FIA. However, that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to fuel the fire regarding Mercedes’ gains.  

When asked if Mercedes was handing Valtteri Bottas new engine parts every race could be part of a 2022 development scheme, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko said, “I can’t imagine that, because we will have the new E10 fuel next year which can’t be simulated this year.

“But one thing is certain: they are extremely fast on the straights. They have something for that.”

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner agreed with his advisor, and said that although he noted a massive speed gain, it was clear to him that they have the reliability issues Wolff hinted at.

“They’ve been really fast lately but they’ve clearly got problems,” he said.

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