Toto Wolff has given his opinion on the potential Andretti takeover of Sauber, saying allowing that would be ludicrous.

It has been reported by multiple sources that Michael Andretti, head of Andretti Autosport, is set to complete a takeover of Sauber, which is backed by Alfa Romeo.

The offer tabled in front of Sauber is a purchase of an 80% stake. This would see the team get a significant shot in the arm in terms of budget and backing. Motorsport journalist Michael Schmidt has reported Wolff’s thoughts on this deal.

Wolff gave his opinion on the potential Andretti takeover of Sauber, saying that it is an absolutely bizarre idea.

“There is an offer on the table,” Schmidt said in his latest podcast, as quoted by

Wolff (pictured) thinks Sauber allowing a takeover is “crazy”. Source:

“The question now is whether the owner of the Sauber racing team is happy with it or not. It is a bit difficult to judge as they do not need the money urgently, and are huge racing fans.

“Toto Wolff told me: whoever sells their F1 team now, must be crazy.

“’The team will be worth much more in one year, and even more in two years. F1 is booming,'” he added.

Not the best time

Schmidt also talked about how this will be beneficial for Alfa Romeo, but noted that Wolff’s stance is holding instead of selling.

“A regulation change is coming up which could give equal opportunities, and the budget cap… nobody knows who will win,” the journalist said.

“This generates more interest, which means more money and that means the team’s worth increases.

“Toto Wolff says he would definitely not sell now,” he concluded.

Alfa Romeo has had a bad season. They need to pick themselves up for the next one, and deliver better. Andretti’s takeover may just help them do that.

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