Wolff open to more sprint races but is still not sold on the idea – “Doing this for money”

Toto Wolff is open to more sprint races despite his personal reservations regarding the idea of expansion.

Sprint races have been causing many debates and discussions among fans. Most are opposed to the idea, saying that they want the pure format as it is.

The Mercedes Team Principal is one among those purists, and has repeatedly expressed his hesitation regarding having many sprint races. He has also talked down other new ideas proposed by the spit, and has insisted that there is nothing wrong with the current format.

The third and final sprint race concluded in Brazil this week. There are talks of having more sprint races next season. As many as six are being planned, and it will change the sport as we know it.

Wolff is open to more sprint races despite his personal reservations regarding the idea of racing more of those.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1 as quoted by GP Fans, Wolff said, “I always say to Stefano (Domenicali) we should have less because I am a purist, and I would like to have the weekends like they were.

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Wolff (pictured) is fine if more sprint races are introduced. Source: planetf1.com

“But it helps with the audiences, it helps for the ratings and in the end, we are doing this for commercial reasons as well and I am 100 per cent supportive of what he decided. But of course, it brings randomness.”

Mix and match

The three sprint weekends this season have all seen dry conditions during qualifying and sprint. There has not been one under wet conditions, and Wolff is eager to see how it will cope under different weather.

“I think this is why Stefano wants it, less predictability and totally more variability,” he continued.

“You can say if it goes wrong in qualifying, you could have a mix-up and you are really on the back foot for the second race.”

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