Wolff offers hand of peace to Horner after ‘regretful’ feud in 2022 – “I shouldn’t have said that he’s a windbag”

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff revealed his regret regarding his feud with Red Bull team counterpart Christian Horner, saying he really wants to forget it.

The rivalry between Wolff and Horner escalated to an ugly level in 2021. With Mercedes and Red Bull locked in a battle for supremacy and success, the two bosses led the political battle.

The verbal sparring got toxic and poisonous, with both men admonished by multiple pundits and even drivers for their petty actions. They buried the hatchet at Abu Dhabi, but it was enough entertainment for three seasons.

Wolff revealed his regret regarding his feud with Horner, saying he should have never gotten involved.

“I really regret it,” he told Dutch publication Formule 1 Magazine, as quoted by Racingnews365.com.

“I always try to stay professional and approach things professionally. It got very personal between the two of us at some point, that’s right.

Wolff (left) and Horner (right) before the Abu Dhabi GP. Source: Getty Images

“He told me to ‘keep my mouth shut’ (during the flexi-wing situation) and then I responded by saying he was a windbag and talked too much for the cameras. I shouldn’t have said that.

“It’s a professional relationship and you know that even your worst enemy has a best friend, so you have to respect that person, even if you fight a hard duel in a professional environment.”

Voice of reason

The Austrian revealed that it got so bad that his wife Susie had to step in and give him a reality check regarding his relationship with Horner.

“Susie pointed that out to me very clearly,” Wolff explained.

“She said, ‘Why are you having these kinds of discussions? You’re trying to win, respect that. Even if someone goes in that direction, you don’t have to’. That’s called female social intelligence!”

“We (men) sometimes have too many hormones,” he concluded with a laugh.

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