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Toto Wolff has ridiculed Red bull’s accusations regarding their team, saying that they pluck things out of thin air.

Red Bull accused Mercedes of deploying a rear wing that was “scoring” on the inside of the vertical wing endplate. They submitted an image of the area in question, which could indicate the lower rear wing flexing.

With both teams at loggerheads throughout the season, this is just the latest episode in their rivalry. The news of the evidence reached the Mercedes team principal, who proceeded to mock the Milton-Keynes outfit for their desperation.

Wolff ridiculed Red bull’s accusations regarding their team, and said that the effort for doing things was all over the place.

“Who distributed that to the media? That’s a shocker!” he told the media.

“Can you show me what you see on these photos? I can’t see anything on these photos apart from stuff being scratched.

“A ghost! I don’t know where they got this photo from and what it actually shows… It’s a ghost!” he said with a laugh.

Wolff is not bothered with Red Bull accusing Mercedes. Source: Mercedes

You having a laugh?

Red Bull later insisted they were no longer suspicious after seeing data from the Qatar GP qualifying day. Wolff poked fun at them again, and continued to twist the knife.

“Have they shown some data or photographs about the straight-line performance?” he asked.

“It’s a track here that is less power-sensitive. I think they’ve just done a good job. Their straight-line speed with a big wing is identical to ours. I’m happy that they are happy. Let’s go to Saudi Arabia and maybe we’ll hear some comments again.

“The debates that are being kicked off or launched, I cannot follow anymore. I’ve taken the decision for myself and the team, that we won’t be, we can’t simply… We are struggling to keep up with commenting on the rumours that are being made from that side,” he concluded.

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