Wolff’s latest Horner and Marko roast leaves fans in splits – “He creates these kinds of Hollywood stories”

Toto Wolff has roasted Christian Horner and Helmut Marko for their comments, saying that they behave like pantomime artists.

One of the highlights of this season has been the constant sparring between Wolff and Horner. The two have traded multiple barbs as the bosses of the two teams fighting for all the glory, and it has been box office.

Multiple remarks have been made by the two regarding each other on various occasions. In the latest episode of the series, Wolff roasted Horner and Marko, and called them pantomime artists who want to stir up drama.

“What Christian says about me feeling pressure — no, not at all,” Wolff said, as quoted by Racingnews365.com.

“I feel he is one of the protagonists in a pantomime, part of the Formula 1 cast, and for me as a stakeholder, as a team owner, it’s great that he creates these kinds of stories. But it’s irrelevant.

“People have a microphone in front of them or a camera on them and they start to behave like little actors, like Hollywood. It’s very good they fill the blanks and make it pantomime.

Horner (in focus) was labelled a pantomime actor by Wolff (blurred). Source: Getty Images

“That’s good for the sport and good for Netflix because they want to portray the people, not just the stopwatch. People have realised they are being quoted if they say controversial things. It gives them media time, it gets their picture in the newspapers.”

Marko Polo

Wolff then turned his attention to Marko, and called him out for recently suggesting Mercedes faked an injury for Lewis Hamilton.  

“Lewis never played the dying swan, nor did we ever say he was heavily injured,” he continued.

“And that can happen when a 750kg race car ends up on your head, even for a short while. He had a stiff neck, or a stiff body. But that’s why they are well paid.

“One pantomime player at Red Bull felt he needed to comment and said Lewis was well enough to go to the Met Gala. But we didn’t say he was gravely injured. It was just another headline created,” he concluded.

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