Wolff opens up on prospect of FIA doing a “backroom settlement” with teams for Abu Dhabi GP

Toto Wolff ruled out the possibility of the FIA doing a “backroom deal” for the Abu Dhabi GP, saying that the event was too big for a closed-doors settlement.

The fallout from the Abu Dhabi fiasco seems to have ended, with Mercedes withdrawing their appeal against the decision that took place on the last lap of the race. The controversial ending to the contest was initially protested by the team, but they went back on their appeal.

Given the FIA has a history of settling controversies behind closed doors, it was natural to assume this one would be dealt with in the same way. The last time something like this happened was the infamous Ferrari engine saga of 2019, where a hush-hush settlement was done.

However, Wolff ruled out the possibility of the FIA doing a “backroom deal” for the Abu Dhabi GP incident.

“I think in this day and age of transparency, such decisions cannot be made anymore in backroom deals,” he said as quoted by GP Fans.

Wolff rules out FIA "backroom deal"
Wolff (pictured) is confident of a solid settlement. Source: gpfans.com

“And why I am optimistic is that most stakeholders in the sport will share my frustration on the decisions that have been made all throughout the year. Everyone who is a racer, you guys (the media), us, knows what happened.

“Nevertheless, I have confidence because we will be all pulling on the same rope in the same directions.”

Working towards betterment

Wolff also assured that even though Mercedes insisted that they had been robbed, they would be working closely with the FIA to prevent such a mess from happening ever again.

“The teams and I have feedback from the teams and the drivers,” he continued.

“I had assurances (from) Peter Bayer (FIA secretary-general for motor sport) and Stefano (Domenicali, F1 CEO) that in the next weeks and months, we will close the gaps that have opened up more and more over the last few years.”

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