Wolff takes dig at Red Bull again – “We find it easy to fight”

Toto Wolff has taken a dig at Red Bull again, saying the fight for the title between Mercedes and Red Bull is easy for his team.

Mercedes is facing a challenge for the title for the first time since Ferrari 2017. They are now being pushed by Red Bull, and the Milton-Keynes outfit are doing it better than anyone in recent memory.

However, Mercedes’ winning dynasty has seen them shrug off every challenger. In fact, their greatest fight was within their own team from 2014 to 2016. Their unbeaten streak for seven years is only giving them more confidence and assurance.

Wolff took a dig at Red Bull again, saying they are used to fighting for the title, and they will do it no matter who is challenging them.

“For seven seasons we have been the reference point for everyone,” Wolff told FormulaPassion.it

Wolff on title race: 'Mercedes has nothing left to prove'
Wolff (pictured) laid down the challenge to Red Bull. Source: gpblog.com

“This year has brought us a much more difficult challenge, but we enjoy the battle. Not only that, we find it easy to fight.

“I’m really looking forward to the next races, I don’t think they can be difficult or that we will be hurting. Things will go as they should, we will have fun. It’s Formula 1, it’s sport. We are not talking about politics.”

Champions’ mentality

Wolff also talked about how Mercedes winning everything for seven years shapes their mentality, and how they will retain that focus and aggression for every race.

“We have nothing left to prove after seven years,” the Mercedes Team Principal continued.  

“We have set many records and we want to add new ones, because we are ambitious and we hate to lose, but we should not forget to enjoy the show. This is the best track in the world,” he concluded.

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