F1 relieved after completing hectic 2021 schedule – “A blessed relief for all of us”

F1 revealed that they were relieved after completing their hectic 2021 schedule, and expressed their excitement for the next season.

2021 saw F1’s longest calendar ever, with the sport hosting 22 races. It was a chaotic ride for fans, and it was made more intense by the fact that there was cancellations and postponement owing to the unpredictability of the world.

The upcoming season will see F1 break the 2021 record and host 23 races. However, they are expecting the process to be way easier than last year given how much they learned from the previous experience.

F1 revealed that they were relieved after completing their hectic 2021 schedule, saying that they were looking to navigate 2022 with more ease.

When asked in an interview with GP Fans, F1 sporting director Steve Nielsen said, “It will be very nice to return to a more normal way of planning.

“We have a calendar, we’ve had it for some months now. I hope for the first time in two years that we don’t have to change it, which would be a blessed relief for all of us.”

F1 hoping for "blessed relief" after frantic 2021
There were a record 22 races in 2021, a record for the sport. Source: gpfans.com

Plans made

“I hope that we can take that calendar and plan for it and actually deliver what’s on the paper at the moment,” he said.

“That’s certainly our aim, and that’s what we know right now. It’s another season. I think it is nice to get at the end of one season, but there’s always something to look forward to. We had a great championship battle (last) year.

“We all hope that carries on into (this) year with the new cars, some new circuits coming, and an earlier finish to the season as well, which would also be really welcome. Hopefully, we won’t be racing in December.”

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