Binotto keen to see Ferrari lift the championship next season – “It is a must!”

Mattia Binotto wants Ferrari to win the championship next season.

Ferrari’s illustrious history in racing is second to none. However, in recent years, the team has failed to hit those legendary heights of yesteryear. Last season was rock bottom, as they finished in a meek P6. This time, the turnaround has been immense, but not at Mercedes or Red Bull levels.

That is the issue Ferrari and Binotto want to iron out. The progress they have made is commendable, and the momentum should continue. Binotto wants Ferrari to be outright title contenders next season. He feels that for all the progress Ferrari has made, it would be for nought if they cannot fight for the title next season. As such, Binotto wants Ferrari to win the championship.

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Mattia Binotto wants Ferrari to win the championship next season. Source:

As reported by RTL, Binotto said, “It is no secret that Ferrari wants to bring the world championship crown back to Maranello as soon as possible.

“Fighting for the title next year is a must. Failing to do that would mean that we did everything wrong. We are the team that has collected the most points in relation to last year, that has improved the most overall. This shows that we are going in the right direction and that we are working well together.”

Better and better

Ferrari’s drivers have been a key cog in their resurgence. Charles Leclerc has been exceptional since joining, and new driver Carlos Sainz has taken to life well. In fact, Binotto praised Sainz, but motivated him to do more.

“He has not been capable of putting together one entire weekend, so there is always a mistake here or there. Whether it is quali, start, or in the race. So I’m expecting that he will continue learning the team, continue learning the car,” Binotto said.

“And soon, hopefully, he will put together an entire weekend, which I think is important for him,” he concluded.

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