Damon Hill gives sharp warning to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Damon Hill has warned a “whole other level of risk” at the Belgian GP for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Hamilton and Verstappen have already collided this season, with the Dutchman suffering a nasty crash and retiring from the race. He was lucky it wasn’t a serious one, but given their explosive rivalry, it is very likely to happen again.

Hill believes that the title rivals need to show more respect to the Belgian track. It is a very fast circuit, and a tricky one at that. A crash could lead to injury or worse, a death.

As reported by GP Fans, Hill said, “It’s another fast circuit like Silverstone.

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Damon Hill (pictured) warns a high level of risk at the Belgian GP. Source: mirror.co.uk

“They’ve already shown they’re not afraid to tangle at high speed, but Spa’s a whole other level of risk. It is a concern. I think if I was (FIA race director) Michael Masi, and I’d be in the drivers’ briefing for the weekend, I would be saying, ‘Listen guys, respect this place. It’s one of the fastest tracks we go to. We do not want to have any nasty episodes’.

“Of course, we have had some nasty episodes not so long ago, in the F2 races. There is extra risk, especially if it’s wet. They’ve had plenty of issues recently with the rain, but wet races at Spa are not for the faint-hearted.”

Better safe than sorry

Hill asserted that it was better to take second place than risk a crash. He talked about Verstappen wanting to win this race, and stressed that title races matter less than the driver’s well-being.

“It’s not is it because it means the title is slipping away (from Verstappen),” Hill said.

“He will not be looking at this weekend and thinking ‘I need to score points’. He will be looking at this weekend thinking ‘I need to win again. I need to make sure Lewis doesn’t win. That’s the only way he’s going to become world champion this year, so it’s high pressure,” he concluded.

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