Carlos Sainz heaps praise on Ferrari for solving serious issues – “Tackled them aggressively”

Carlos Sainz has heaped praise on Ferrari for their solving of serious issues this season.

The race at Paul Ricard was the worst one this season for the Prancing Horse. Sainz finished out of the points in P11. His teammate Charles Leclerc ended up finishing 16, going five places worse. Both drivers had these results because of serious tyre issues. They threatened to ruin their season, but Ferrari had other ideas.

Since that race, Ferrari has bounced back. They have addressed the issue and actually worked towards leaving those in the rear-view mirror. Sainz accordingly heaped praise on his team for solving these serious issues promptly.

Speaking to, Sainz said, “Well, there’s been a lot of emphasis and focus put on this (tyre) issue.

Carlos Sainz (front) and Charles Leclerc (rear) were backed well by Ferrari. Source:

“The fallback in Paul Ricard was so dramatic in a way because we were all so surprised and said: ‘OK, we need to change this, and we need to tackle this as aggressive and as soon as we can’.

“The minute that happened, we all flew back to Maranello, we put together a few meetings, a few analysis and it was two, nearly three days intense work in the simulator, in simulations, in understanding our car to see what was the issue in our car to cause this huge problem.


“The way that the team reacted to that, was quite impressive in a way that – to see such a big team, such a big boat going to tackle in one direction all pushing in the same way to this problem.

“And seeing how many theories, how many projects came up to try and solve it was one of the most impressive feelings I’ve got as a racing driver, just to see such a big organisation tackling one certain issue. I enjoyed it a lot, and it was a good process,” he concluded.

For a team who has been notorious for strategy errors and mismanagement, Ferrari seems to have coped well with setbacks so far. They have done an admirable job at aiding Sainz and Leclerc.

The results show that as well, with Ferrari sitting in P3 in the Constructor’s Championship, level with rivals McLaren. Sainz and Leclerc are also having good seasons, and could finish them off on high notes.

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