“Fake coaches believe their stuff is real”: Morono has choice words for Fabia’s peculiar training routine

At the age of 30, Alex Morono has been a big contributor to the image of MMA. He has completed 27 professional MMA bouts in the octagon since his debut in 2010. Morono is also a gym trainer apart from being a fighter.

This man, therefore, carries enough experience to put forth his views regarding the case over Joshua Fabia’s odd training practices with his trainee Diego Sanchez.

In a recent press conference at the UFC Vegas 26, Morono stated, “For as long as there has been a society, people have been fighting. Look at the old feudal samurais. They didn’t learn how to fight with swords because they wanted to.

“They did it to protect their families and their way of life. Martial arts have been around forever. For as long as martial arts has been around, there have been these fake coaches who just; believe their stuff is real.

“And, man, I just can’t believe how embedded this one is in Diego. Like, I’m sure you guys saw the video of Diego hanging upside-down, getting punched and kicked in the head. Like, that is insane. It’s crazy to see.”

Morono, however, expressed his respect for Sanchez.

“I was happy to get this fight, but it just s**cks, man. It makes me really feel for Diego. It really does. Like, in my heart. And if anything, parents or kids, whoever wants to go to martial arts, do some research on the coaches.

“If you don’t know, message me: Alex Morono MMA. I’ll do the research and let you guys know. It’s weird. It makes me so mad when creepy adults lead their students astray.”

Replying to a question on whether the fighter had ever done the upside-down training and all the other practices like Joshua did, Morono explained his primary goal when he trains.

“No, I have one primary goal when I train and when I fight. And it’s not to get punched and kicked in the face. Once I figure out how to do that, then I try to land the punches and kicks in the face.

“But, mitigating damage has to be a priority, man. It has to be, or the (athlete’s) longevity in the sport wouldn’t last.” 

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