Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has effortlessly proved to his fans that age is just a number.

The Alpine driver was able to jump six places within the first lap of the sprint qualifying and secured a stable P7 start for himself.

While at the front, Max Verstappen was overpowering Lewis Hamilton, there was nothing but sheer brilliance going on behind them.

Alonso’s power move

In what could be considered a power move, the Spaniard pushed ahead of Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari and his own teammate, Esteban Ocon.

Invulnerable, he crossed ahead of both the McLarens, the Red Bull of Sergio Perez, Sebastian Vettel, and George Russell.

After starting 11th, he jumped to sixth in the span of a few seconds.

“Enjoy the show!”, he said over his team radio towards the end of the race. “I think we should call it Q4. No?”

Looking back at his start, we can expect wonderful things from the veteran in the upcoming race on Sunday.

At the green light, he chose to drive on the outside line and kept charging thanks to the incredible grip from his soft tyres.

It seemed he was trying to extract the maximum from his car and he succeeded.

Alonso – The duel master

Just during the last race in Austria, Alonso was locked in a head-on battle with Williams driver George Russell.

While the Brit had some incredible driving up his sleeve, it was not good enough to keep Alonso at bay. The Spaniard pushed hard during the last lap and brought home the points.

Additionally, Alonso also gave spectators their money’s worth as he defended his P7 against McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo.

He was able to stay ahead till lap 9 when the overtaking virtuoso, Ricciardo, went past him.

Time for one more tussle

Towards the closing stages of the race, the veteran driver still had time for one more duel – this time with Sebastian Vettel.

He defended his place against the Aston Martin and was able to hold it till they crossed the chequered flag.

Alonso’s driving was the highlight of the Sprint qualifying in addition to Verstappen’s victory over Hamilton.

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