Fernando Alonso opens up about tussle with Hamilton at McLaren in 2007

Back in 2007, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were teammates for McLaren.

During the time, Hamilton was just a rookie while Alonso had already claimed two world titles.

The duo had several prominent races together, however, the most notable one was the Hungarian Grand Prix which caused a lot of stir.

What happened in Hungary?

Hamilton and Alonso battle it out; Source: planetf1

During the race, the Spaniard ended up staying in the pits for an extended period to prevent Hamilton from setting a proper time during qualifying.

The 39-year-old driver, however, has cleared the air on his relationship with his former teammate.

He has also stated that both have immense respect for the other.

Alonso looks back at 2007

The two-time world champion was able to secure the pole position but was awarded a time penalty for his actions during the qualifying rounds.

By the end, it was Hamilton who crossed the chequered flag in the first place while his teammate finished fifth.

In a recent interview, Alonso was asked about his time back at the Hungarian Grand Prix and what exactly happened.

“Nothing. I changed the tires and I hardly have time. I passed the finish line with a second,” he replied.

The past should be put to rest

The McLaren duo; Source: Sky Sports

The Alpine driver revealed that he has no beef with Hamilton and the two of them hold each other in high regard.

Additionally, he also mentioned that the differences between them were more to do with the team rather than the drivers themselves.

“Nothing happened with Hamilton,” he stated.

“It was more with the team, with which we had our differences. He believed some things that the team gave him and stopped giving. 

“I believed some things that the team gave me and stopped giving me. And we did not understand each other,” he concluded.

The two drivers will now face each other off at the upcoming British Grand Prix next weekend.

We are yet to see how they will perform.

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