Ferrari pushing for Mercedes to bear the cost for Hungarian GP financial damages

The start of the Hungarian Grand Prix was a chaotic one with Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll causing havoc leading to mass accidents.

Charles LeclercLando NorrisMax Verstappen, and Sergio Perez had to face the brunt of the collision and also endure its consequences later in the season.

Ferrari boss, Mattia Binotto wants to know if the culprit responsible for this collision will be paying for the damages.

Ferrari faced damages

Due to Bottas’ mistake in Hungary, Perez, Norris, and Verstappen became the unfortunate victims.

However, behind them, things went haywire even for Stroll. The Canadian took out Leclerc due to his mistake and caused significant damage to his Ferrari.

It is estimated that the cost of repairing the Ferrari will be around 2.5 million euros. This is a cause of concern for Binotto.

He wants to know if the person responsible for this damage will be paying or not.

What did Binotto say?

”I think there is definitely something to be said for it,” he stated.

“I think there are certainly no obvious solutions, but it is something that we will undoubtedly discuss with the FIA, F1, and the teams in the coming weeks to see if there is a solution for the future,” he added.

Due to the damage sustained by Leclerc, he had to walk home with a DNF.

Talking about engines

Ferrari after crash in Hungary; Source:

Binotto has found himself in an unfortunate situation as the damage could lead to complications later in the season.

Leclerc’s engine will need replacement, which otherwise could have been used later in the season.

There are only a limited number of engines that can be used during an entire season.

”There is talk of a further reduction in 2025, from three engines to two per season,” Binotto continued.

“It is clear that the fewer engines there are, the more important the issue becomes. We will discuss this with the other teams and the FIA.

“It is a current issue that has been raised by several parties and therefore deserves to be examined. But I don’t think there is an easy solution,” he concluded.

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